9 Of The Most Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia

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Working from home sounds like the dream. You get to skip the morning commute, wear your trackies all day and go to the post office at non-peak times. But after a while, the novelty tends to wear off. You may find it tough to stay motivated when your comfy couch is a mere 10 metres away, or actually start to miss human interaction.
The solution? A co-working space! These are communal office spaces where you can get in the productivity zone, mingle with other freelancers and entrepreneurs and regain some work/home balance. But let’s be honest—you’re not going to swap the comfort of your home for any old office space. Thankfully, Australia happens to be home to some beautiful co-working spaces you’ll actually be excited to rock up to every day.
Read on for 9 of the most inspiring co-working spaces around Australia.

WeWork – Multiple locations

Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
This global co-working network has spaces in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane—and they’re all gorgeous. Think modern interiors, marble kitchens and plenty of cute spaces where you can break away for a change of scenery. They have a range of casual hotdesking (working on a laptop) and permanent desk options.
Learn more about WeWork

The Cluster, Melbourne

Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
One of Melbourne’s OG co-working spaces, The Cluster has a lot going for it. Not only is it a stunning to look at, the location is great (it’s in the heart of the CBD) and it offers unbeatable views of the city. It also has a bunch of other perks, including full-time IT assistance and free use of meeting rooms.
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The Office Space by Paramount, Sydney

Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
This truly one-of-a-kind office space in Surry Hills oozes old-school elegance. Decked out in rich wood and limestone reminiscent of 1950’s  New York, you’ll feel like a character in Mad Men as you work in the office suites or co-working areas. It doesn’t come cheap, but that’s the price you pay for luxury. It also happens to be conveniently located above one of the area’s coolest cafes, Paramount Coffee Project.
Learn more about The Office Space

Cleaver Street & Co, Perth

cleaver and co Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
With an on-site coffee shop and an abundance of lush plants, this is the perfect place to get your creative juices flowing. The bright and airy converted warehouse space offers hotdesking arrangements, dedicated desks for permanent members and drop-in daily and weekly rates.
Learn more about Cleaver Street & Co

Cove, Brisbane

cove brisbane Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
Move over Sydney and Melbourne, because Brisbane is home to one of the most gorgeous co-working spaces we’ve ever seen! Cove fuses Nordic-inspired interiors with nods to its coastal location, resulting in a truly inspiring place to work. It also has a bunch of cool features, including car spaces, a business concierge, a business mentoring program and wellness events.
Learn more about Cove

Parliament, Hobart

parliament hobart Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
Hobart doesn’t have a lot of co-working spaces, but it does have Parliament—and luckily, it’s a goodun’! Located right on the Hobart waterfront, this multi-level space is a hub for local creatives and entrepreneurs. They only offer dedicated desks, but it happens to be cheaper than most coworking memberships in other places around Australia.
Learn more about Parliament Co-Working

Good Work, Canberra

Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia Good work
If bright and white interiors are your thing, this luxe co-working space in Canberra is the place for you! There’s a reason it’s called Good Work because this beautiful space is definitely conducive to productivity and creativity. They have both part-time and full-time dedicated desk memberships, as well as a collaborative bar where nomads and casual drop-ins can work.
Learn more about Good Work

Hub Australia, Multiple Locations

hub adelaide Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, Hub is Australia’s largest co-working network. While each space its own unique feel based on the location, they each have awesome amenities, weekly events and a collaborative feel that will make your working days a breeze.
Learn more about Hub Australia

Mâché, Adelaide

mache Inspiring Co-Working Spaces Around Australia
This vibrant and quirky space in Adelaide is a mecca for local creatives. Not only does it have a range of modern dedicated desks and co-working areas, but it’s equipped with an artist, recording (perfect for podcasts!) and photographic studios.
Learn more about Mâché

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