9 Brilliant, Easy And Nutritious Veggie Burger Recipes

Even the most diehard meat-eaters will go in for seconds.

More often than not, when we think of firing up the BBQ, it’s all about the meat! But what about all the vegetarians out there? Thankfully, the humble homemade veggie burger has come a long way, and we’ve got nine of the best recipes to prove it.

Top Tip: Form the patties ahead of time, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for up to two days. They’ll end up holding their shape better. After all, no one likes a soft or crumbly patty!

Keep reading for nine of our favourite veggie burger recipes that anyone—yes, that includes meat-eaters—can enjoy.

Portobello Mushroom & Peach Burger

Mushroom & Peach burger, veggie burger, healthy recipes, Green Kitchen Stories
Image: Green Kitchen Stories

The flavour combination of Portobello mushroom, grilled peach and avocado in Green Kitchen Stories’ recipe will make even the most diehard meat-eaters go in for seconds.
Grab the recipe here.

Black Bean Hemp Burger

Black Bean Hemp Burger, veggie burger, healthy recipes, vegan, vegetarian
Image: Sweet Potato Soul

Black bean patties make a tasty alternative to beef and also pair nicely with sweet potato fries. In Sweet Potato Soul’s recipe, the patty also features Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds for added nutritional value.
Grab the recipe here.

Oh Em Gee Veggie Burger

Oh Em Gee Veggie Burger, Oh She Glows, healthy recipes, vegan, vegetarian
Image: Oh She Glows

Packed with sweet potato (or butternut squash), black beans, barbecue sauce, garlic, and an array of flavourful spices, this veggie burger from Oh She Glows is healthy and seriously satisfying.
Grab the recipe here.

Bloody Mary Veggie Burger

Bloody Mary Veggie Burger, healthy recipes, vegan, vegetarian
Image: The First Mess

Is there anything better on a Sunday afternoon than a Bloody Mary? How about a Bloody Mary-inspired burger? Yep, we’ve got your attention now. With horseradish, a special sauce, sundried tomatoes, a little lemon freshness, and celery slaw for crunch, The First Mess’ recipe is lip-smackingly good.
Grab the recipe here.

The Best Vegan Burger

The Best Vegan Burger
Image: Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver’s vegan burger is the stuff dreams are made of. Expect a hearty patty, coriander, tomato and a nice smear of sauce all sandwiched between a wholemeal burger bun. Delish!
Grab the recipe here.

Cajun Chickpea Burger

Cajun Chickpea Burger, veggie burger, healthy recipes, vegan, vegetarian
Image: The Almond Eater

Spice up your weekend BBQ with this wholesome recipe from The Almond Eater. It’s spicy, flavourful and nutritious. Not to mention, the plant-based chickpea patties are packed with protein so they’ll keep you fuller for longer.
Grab the recipe here.

Wild Mushroom Lentil Burger

Wild Mushroom Lentil Burger, veggie burger, healthy recipes
Image: My New Roots

My New Roots’ recipe not only looks great but is tastes pretty darn good, too! Mushrooms, olives, black lentils, and rosemary are the main ingredients, along with a creamy cashew garlic sauce. It’s also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.
Grab the recipe here.

Epic Crispy Quinoa Burgers

Epic Crispy Quinoa Burgers, veggie burger, vegan, vegetarian
Image: Half Baked Harvest

As its name (and picture) suggests, this recipe is nothing short of epic! At the centre of this hearty burger from Half Baked Harvest is the quinoa patty. Next, comes the pumpkin beer caramelised onions, melted Gruyere cheese and finally, the crispy sweet potato fries.
Grab the recipe here.

Portobello Burgers

Portobello Burgers, veggie burger, vegan, vegetarian, recipes
Image: The Rawsome Vegan Life

This Rawsome Vegan Life’s recipe replaces a traditional burger bun with portobello mushrooms for a healthy alternative. But, the standout of this burger is the textures. Meaty mushroom, creamy guac, and fresh greens are a match made in culinary heaven.
Grab the recipe here.

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