9 Nail Art Instagram Accounts To Inspire Your Next Manicure

They're nothing short of mindblowing.

nail art
Image: @mpnails

Confession time: I can’t paint my own nails. Well, I can kind of do my left hand, but the right hand always ends up looking like it was done by a preschooler. In fact, considering toddlers now watch YouTube beauty tutorials, they could probably do a better job. Curse my steady hands and lack of fine motor skills!
That said, my inability to do my own nails doesn’t stop me from being obsessed with nail art. You’ll rarely find me without manicured nails (done by a pro, of course) and I’m always stalking nail art Instagrams. Because to me, it doesn’t matter that I can’t replicate those looks myself. You don’t walk into an art gallery and become disheartened that you can’t paint like Monet — you just admire the art! And that’s exactly what nail designs pros create: super cool, wearable art. The level of detail and creativity is nothing short of mindblowing.
So, whether you’ve got a knack for nails or just like to admire, here are our favourite nail art Instagram accounts to stalk.


A post shared by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on

Nail artist and Sally Hansen Global Colour Ambassador Madeline Poole has a serious knack for creating cool, geometric nail designs. Follow her here.


A post shared by Valley (@valleynyc) on

This NYC nail salon showcases the eclectic nail designs created by its talented artists, ranging from the sparkly and shiny to minimalistic monochrome. Check them out here.


Chicago nail artist and Tipsy zine founder Ashley Crowe is our go-to for 3D nail inspo. She does blinged-up nails like nobody else! Follow her here.


A post shared by Fleury Rose (@fleuryrosenails) on

NYC nail artist Fleury Rose always keeps us guessing with what kind of nail art pattern she’s going to do next. One minute it’s girly gingham, the next its gothic grunge! Check her work out here.


A post shared by WAH Nails London (@wahnails) on

There’s no shortage of nail inspo on this Instagram account curated by London salon Wah Nails. You’ll even find some cool examples of the base coat nail trend! Follow them here.


Mei is the nail artist of choice of NYC cool girls like Hannah Bronfman and it’s not hard to see why — her funky bespoke nail designs are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Follow her here.


With a roster of some of the most talented manicurists in the world, it’s no surprise that this New York salon’s Instagram is like a gallery of incredible nail masterpieces. Check them out here.


A post shared by Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails) on

Manicurist Alicia Torello keeps her nail looks clean, simple and minimalistic — but they never fail to bring the ‘wow’ factor. Follow her here.


A post shared by taryn multack (@missladyfinger) on

Taryn Multack aka. Miss Ladyfinger ditched the corporate world to pursue her passion for nail art — and damn we’re glad she did. The girl has a serious gift for creating chic, fashion-inspired nail looks. Check out her work here.

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