8 Exercises That Work Your Entire Body At The Same Time

Get more bang for your buck!

full body workout
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Here at Amodrn, we’re obsessed with fitness. We love talking about it, writing about it and, of course, doing it. That said, even we don’t want to spend all our time slaving away in a gym. Just like you, we’re busy women and we believe a quick, effective workout is a good workout. That’s why we’re a big fan of fully body workouts that give you more bang for your buck in a short time frame. But you know what we love even more? Full body exercises. We’re talking about specific exercises that target every major muscle group in your body—to the point where you could just do that one move and still get a killer workout. Yep, these total-body exercises exist and we’ve rounded them up for you below. Read on for 8 super effective exercises that work your entire body at the same time.

Kettlebell swings

full body workout
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There’s a good reason so many personal trainers are fans of kettlebell swings. This explosive movement targets your glutes, hamstrings, core, shoulders and quads all at once!
Learn how to do a kettlebell swing here.


full body workout
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You’re probably aware that push-ups are a super effective upper body exercise—working your chest, shoulders, triceps and back. But did you know that they also work your core (as you have to hold yourself up) and glutes (so long as you squeeze them!) What’s more, they require zero equipment!
Learn how to do a bodyweight push-up here.


full body workouts
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Thrusters are kind of like a combination of a squat and a push-press. So, it’s no surprise that this CrossFit favourite targets most of your major muscle groups.
Learn how to do a thruster here.

Medicine ball slams

full body workouts
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Medicine ball slams are similar to thrusters in that they’re an explosive, full-body movement. You have to slam the ball down, squat down to pick it up, then raise it above your head again. It’s hard work, but very effective!
Learn how to do a medicine ball slam here.


full body workouts
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Deadlifts are kind of hard to categorise—do you do them on upper or lower body day? The answer is both, because they’re an extremely versatile exercise that works your back, legs, butts and indirectly, your arms!
Learn how to do Romanian deadlifts here

Loaded carries

full body workouts
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Loaded carries like the farmer’s walk are extremely simple—you pick up heavy weights (whether it’s dumbells, kettlebells or your shopping bag), walk from point A to B and put them down again. But make no mistake, this is one seriously effective exercise, working nearly every muscle in your body at once!
Learn how to do the farmer’s walk here

Renegade row

full body workouts
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The renegade row is basically like a push-up on steroids (if you’re not familiar, it involves doing an alternating row movement with dumbbells while holding a plank position) So, it’s no surprise really that it’s an excellent full-body workout that targets your back, arms, squads and core.
Learn how to do a renegade row here

Mountain climbers

full body workouts
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Not only do mountain climbers target every major muscle group at once, but they’re a cardio, endurance and core workout all in one. Talk about multitasking!
Learn how to do mountain climbers here

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