8 DIY Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Plus, a mulled wine recipe that'll bring you LOTS of holiday cheer.

The spicy scent of freshly baked cinnamon cookies, the earthy fragrance of fresh pine, the allure of the holiday feast roasting in the oven all day long. These and so many more smells mean only one thing: it’s Christmas!
Scent memory is powerful—it transcends time and space, immediately transporting us to a moment in the past, a far-flung place, or a long-forgotten person. And, it’s especially powerful during the holidays.
So, are you ready to get into that festive mood? Here are eight all-natural ways to make your space smell like the holidays. Keep them for yourself, or give them as gifts!

All-Natural Ways To Make Your Space Smell Like The Holidays

Festive Potpourri

Festive Potpourri, smell, Christmas
Image: Design Sponge

Potpourri kind of gets a bad rap. It’s one part shabby-chic, one part 90s, one part grandma’s bathroom, you know? But Christmas-inspired potpourri is different. It’s really gorgeous, and pretty stylish if you dress it up the right way. Plus, it’s so easy to make that you’ll actually be dumbfounded as to why you haven’t been making your own potpourri forever.
Find out how to make it here.

Scented Holiday Wreaths

Scented Holiday Wreaths, smell, Christmas
Image: Oh Happy Day

They’re not just pretty to look at—holiday scented wreaths are quite practical, too. Even if  you’re not “crafty,” they’re also pretty freaking easy to make (although not as basic as the potpourri … sorry.) We love this kumquat and bay leaf combination because it smells heavenly. Earthy, almost menthol-like bay leaves and the bright citrusy smelling kumquat are such a uniquely cheery pairing—it’s not too overwhelmingly “Christmas-y” but it’s still festive.
Learn how to make it (and three other wreaths!) here.

Asymmetrical Holiday Wreaths

Asymmetrical Holiday Wreaths
Image: Paper & Stitch

Not down to use mere shrubbery and citrus fruit for your holiday decor? These minimalistic wreaths call for fresh flowers and herbs like rosemary and pepper for a fragrant and stunning wall decoration.
Learn how to make it here.

DIY Essential Oil Candles

DIY Essential Oil Candles
Image: Francois et Moi

It’s not a secret that people love scented candles. Although Yankee Candle may have peaked in the aughts, brands like Diptyque and Le Labo are crazy popular among stylish consumers who want their homes to smell nice.
Bad news, though: Most scented candles are made with nasty toxins that can cause respiratory inflammation, headaches, and other gross side effects. So not cool. That being said, we’re really into the idea of making our own candles with all-natural ingredients. It takes a bit of work (basically just melting down the wax and pouring it into a container) but the results are well worth it—this winter-scented candle lasts for hours.
Learn how to make it here.

DIY Dried Orange Garland

DIY Dried Orange Garland
Image: Free People

It’s actually the process of making this orange garland that fills your home with the spicy-sweet scent of citrus, but we love the idea of adding rosemary or pine needles to this garland for a few more sensory notes.
Learn how to make it here.

Cinnamon-Citrus Air Freshener

Cinnamon-Citrus Air Freshener, smell, Christmas
Image: The Darling Bakers

This one is perfect for when you’re doing last-minute tidying up around the house before guests arrive. It’s so simple—all you need to do is boil some water, add a few ingredients, and soon your space will be filled with a spicy, vibrant scent of the orange, clove, and cinnamon.
Get the recipe here.

Essential Oil Room Spray

Essential Oil Room Spray, smell, Christmas
Image: Tasty Yummies

Spritz your way to jolly memories of holidays past with a DIY essential oil room spray. You can even customise the scent so it’s just the right amount of festive.
Get the recipe here.

Citrus Ginger Mulled Wine

Citrus Ginger Mulled Wine, smell, Christmas
Image: Hello Glow

We had to include this one so you could have your holiday scent (and drink your wine, too.)
Get the recipe here.

Not a fan of mulled wine? Try some of these healthy holiday-inspired cocktails.

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