8 Anxiety-Relieving Gift Ideas For The Stressed Out Gals In Your Life

Or, for yourself!

Whether it’s due to life changes, crazy deadlines or relationship troubles, we all go through stressful times. While the best way to support a friend through these rough patches is to let her know you’re there for her, Christmas is also the perfect time to give her a thoughtful gift to help her cope. Or perhaps you’re the one going through a tough time, and want to treat yourself to some self-care essentials! Whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered. Read on for 8 anxiety-relieving Christmas ideas for the stressed out gals in your life.

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle

christmas gifts for anxious people
With a calming blend of lavender and chamomile, this candle is perfect for burning on those restless nights where sleep evades you.
Shop the ThisWorks Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle.

Calm App Membership

Easily one of the best mindfulness apps around, Calm is packed with hundreds of guided meditations, quick breathing exercises and bedtime stories for adults! At $59.99 for a year’s membership, it makes the perfect Christmas gift.
Check out Calm app.

The Anxiety Journal

While the idea of writing down your worries and feeling them melt away is nice, it’s not always realistic. This anxiety journal is packed with practical, CBT-based writing exercises to guide you through it.
Shop the Anxiety Journal.

Therapy Weighed Blanket

Research shows that the deep pressure stimulation from using a weighted blanket can calm the nervous system, reduce feelings of anxiety and improve sleep quality.
Shop the Therapy Weighted Blanket.

Worry Eater Doll

Okay, so technically this one is for kids. But we think the cute concept of writing down your worries and having the Worry Doll eat them can work just as well for anxious adults!
Shop the Worry Eater Doll.

Amity Created Blind Date Set

Treat your friend (or yourself!) to some much needed ‘me time’ with this gorgeous self-care kit from Aussie brand, Amity Created. It comes with a relaxing herbal tea, gorgeous tea set and an inspiring book.
Shop the Amity Created Blind Date Set.

WelleCo Sleep Calming Mist

Whether you put some on your pillow or give yourself a spritz when you feel stress creeping in, this blend of chamomile and lavender mist is the ultimate calming essential.
Shop the WelleCo Sleep Calming Mist.

First, We Make The Beast Beautiful

An absolute must-read for anyone who is prone to worry, Sarah Wilson shares her unique journey and puts a new spin on anxiety.
Shop First, We Make The Beast Beautiful.

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