Social Distancing: 7 Things That Will Help Keep You Sane & Safe

Your self-care is the priority

Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

It’s a spooky time right now, that’s for sure. With so many uncertainties and everything you hear, watch, see and read on the coronavirus, there are options to keep you safe and sane during this era of social distancing. To help, we’ve compiled a list of free (or nearly free) fitness and wellness activities alongside resources to keep you sane (and safe) at home, putting your self-care as the priority. 

Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

7 fitness and wellness activities to keep you safe and sane

  • Celeb-Approved Workouts @ Home: We l-o-v-e Busy Philipps, her full-body, nearly full-hour workouts on Instagram are available at LEKFIT Digital. You can “rent” their workouts for $6.99 for three days (or for $20 per month) all led by Lauren Kleban, the goddess of low-impact high-intensity workouts. On their app, you can access 100+ full workouts that you can do with literally no equipment and all within your 10’ x 10’ bedroom. 
  • What Does It Mean…….with Real Scientists:For those who have dug into a rabbit hole of news and information, ask what’s real, what’s a hoax, and what you should (and shouldn’t) do during this time of physical distancing. Follow  Seed’s Instagram posts on COVID-19 to hear from their in-house team of leading scientists and doctors on the terms and phrases you see in your news cycle. They break down the super tough science to something that’s actually digestible and applicable to you, answering your nitty-gritty.
  • Non-Scary Text Updates: For those who have refreshed CNN and The New York Times every day (or every minute…!), text JUDY’s hotline to download guides on the best ways to prepare for disasters you may face depending on your zip code. Just “text JUDY” at 888-421-9926 for a free (and not scary) take on how to prepare. 
  • Donating During COVID-19…for Free Fitness: Looking to support those impacted by COVID-19? Here’s a way to support them: join in the donation-only digital fitness series every-other-day from for FREE fitness classes at home, with classes available via Zoom, and available via in-kind donations so all money raised goes to supporting small businesses in your community…. especially with hourly workers who will be significantly affected (including benefitting No Kid Hungry, and more!). 
  • Learn to Make Lasagna (+ other favorite dishes): Take this gift of time at home to practice mindful eating…and learn to cook in the process, channeling your creative energy to finally tackle that roast chicken. For those looking to crack into the kitchen, text 1-814-BISCUIT for recipe suggestions or real-time cooking advice (a real human is on the other line from the girls at stylish start-up team, Great Jones). They’re there to answer your questions weekdays from 12-6 p.m. E.S.T. and a great free resource for all. 
  • Make Moments to Breathe: Calm your body, mind, and nervous system by making moments to meditate. With countless options out there, try Glo’s meditation courses (they offer 7-day free trials!) that are led by expert instructors from around the globe, beamed to you in your living room (on your phone, on your TV, or wherever you need).
  • Joy on Demand: For those who need a little bout of joy, text JOYCAST to 24321 for a little joy on demand, a free text line dedicated to spreading joy, creating connection, and inspiring hope for anyone who needs a bit of humor, levity, and connection during this uncertain time. 

With isolation and an often-overwhelming news cycle, it’s hard not to feel alone and scared, and there are so many free or inexpensive fitness and wellness practices to keep you safe and sane during this period of social distancing.

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