7 moves to get into the splits

Kate Kendall. how to do the splits

If you’ve always wanted to do the splits (and let’s be honest who doesn’t?!), it may not be as difficult as you may think. Get ready to channel your inner ballerina or gymnast, because today I’m sharing my step by step guide for achieving the splits. Just remember, you will need flexible hips and hamstrings so if you don’t quite get there first go, don’t be disheartened, the stretching will still be beneficial and you’ll get there in time.

7 moves to get into the splits

1. Three Legged Dog

Inhale right leg rises.

2. Tiger Curl

Exhale curl right knee to nose, rounding out upper back.

3. Three Legged Dog

Inhale right leg up and back.

4. Psoas Lunge

Exhale right foot between hands, stacking knee and ankle. Drop left knee gently.

5. Half Hanuman

Inhale lean back and peel right toes off ground.

Flow between Psoas Lunge and Half Hanuman three times and then ‘land’ in Psoas

6. Psoas with Hands Interlaced

Inhale arms above head. Bend elbows and interlace hands behind head.Ten breaths.

Move back to half hanuman and stay ten breaths.

7. Full Hanuman

Exhale begin to press right foot away, keeping hips square to the ground. Ten Breaths.

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