7 Cute Braid Looks That Are Actually Super Easy To Do

They only *look* complicated!

It’s hard to think of a more versatile hairstyle than braids. From a boxer braid to work out at the gym to an elegant braided up-do for a wedding, there’s one for every occasion. The only problem is, they’re not exactly the easiest style to master. Unless you’re particularly gifted with hair, there’s a good chance you haven’t graduated past the standard French braid (or in my case, schoolgirl plaits!)
If that’s the case, don’t worry — you won’t have to resign yourself to boring ponytails for the rest of your life. Insta-worthy braids are within your reach! Under the guidance of these hair gurus, you can quickly build up your repertoire of chic braid looks. They look intricate, but don’t be fooled — they’re actually super quick and easy to do!
Read on for 7 of our favourite simple braid styles from around YouTube.

3 easy braid styles

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, Roxxasauras blesses us with 3 different cute braid looks within the space of 5 minutes!

Fishtail Halo Braid

Hair guru The Barefoot Blonde puts a much simpler spin on the fishtail halo braid (aka crown braid) in this video.

Pull-through braid

The ever-bubbly Alison from Luxy Hair breaks down how to do an equally bubbly braid look in this video.

Double French braids

There’s no shortage of french braid tutorials on YouTube, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that’s easier to follow than this one from Leah Lynn.

Mermaid braid

We love the fact that gorgeous mermaid braid tutorial from xDaliaE is 100% bobby-pin free!

2-minute rope braid

Here, The Freckled Fox teaches us to do a chic and simple rope braid look in 2 minutes flat. Just try not to get distacted by her beautiful red locks!

Rope braid bun

If you want to jazz up your rope braid for an evening look, bookmart this tutorial from Speaking Of Hair.

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