6 Inspiring Women On Self-Acceptance As The Key To Their Career Success

A gentle reminder to love the skin you're in.

career success

It’s a well-known fact that mastering self-love and acceptance can have a huge impact on your personal relationships—from your connection with yourself, the ease of family ties and of course the success of your romantic pursuits. But have you ever considered how body positivity and self-acceptance might change your career path?

#LOVEYOURPEACH is a body positive event hosted by Sydney-based Pilates studio, Peaches Pilates which tackles controversial topics and quizzes a panel of successful women in business about their own journey to self-acceptance and how this has affected their life on a professional, personal and spiritual level.
Ahead of the event, Tori Clapham, founder of Peaches Pilates sat down with some of these women to learn more about their own journeys. We’re sure their answers will have a transformative effect on the way you approach your relationship with yourselves—so keep scrolling for a serious dose of self-love:

Alison Rice—Award-winning journalist & founder of Offline, The Podcast

career success
Image via Isntagram user @alisonlarsenrice

To me, body positivity is about…

Being in my body without judgement, and ensuring my gaze on other women’s bodies is also judgement-free. Body positivity to me is also about using my platform to facilitate honest conversations about identity, understanding self and course-correcting the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Learning self-acceptance has impacted my professional life by…

Causing me to quit a big job that was perpetuating ideals that I no longer believed in, and launch a podcast that seeks to help women explore the concept of self, pain and how to heal.

Jennifer Atilemile—International model

career success self-acceptance
Image via Instagram user @jennatilemile

To me, body positivity is about…

I’d actually like to acknowledge the roots of the movement we’ve come to know today. The original, stems from the fat acceptance movement of second-wave feminism in the 1960s, which primarily focused on the issue of body politics and the discrimination against fat bodies. I think now, body positivity has really shifted from that, and I think it’s a shame, as a lot of the original dialogue has been lost. While I do believe the original meaning and movement behind bopo has changed, I do thank that it has allowed me to come to terms with my body, overcome disordered eating patterns, and the way I view my body and learn to embrace, and love, my natural self. I think what’s so good about body positivity is that it is for everyone, it’s inclusive and allows every BODY to feel represented.

Learning self-acceptance has impacted my professional life by…

Knowing my self-worth. By being comfortable and confident in myself, it has allowed me to set boundaries, and ask for the respect I deserve when I am working. It’s also allowed me to chase my dreams, often when it’s landed me out of my comfort zone. But knowing who I am has allowed me to remain grounded even when I’ve been the most stressed and anxious.

Joany BadenhorstParalympian  

Image via Instagram user @joanybadenhorst

To me, body positivity is about…

Not only embracing your differences but supporting others in theirs! CELEBRATE it! I also feel that it means knowing there can be some things to work on—and then tackling it without letting it affect the way you see yourself or love yourself.

Learning self-acceptance has impacted my professional life by…

Allowing me the space I need to grow as a person and therefore, as an athlete. My whole professional life is about comparing athlete to athlete—who is the best, why is she the best, why does she get more media than I do? Is it the way I look? Am I not good enough… All these questions then start steering you away from the truth: that none of that matters as long as you work hard, stay dedicated and through the entire process never lose yourself. Self-acceptance has given me the opportunity not only to be confident in what I do and the way I go about doing it, but it’s given me a kickass backbone that keeps me up and strong throughout my professional and personal journey.

Hollie AzzopardiWellness Guru / Motivational Speaker

Image via Instagram user @hollie_azzopardi

To me, body positivity is about…

Body positivity is about cultivating a loving relationship with your physical form—although it runs deeper than just the physical. True body positivity for me has come from a place of total acceptance of myself—mind, body and soul. When we are living in alignment, and looking after ALL facets that make us up, then our approach to our physical drastically shifts as we realise it is only ONE component of us. Body positivity is cultivating a relationship with your body where you respect, nourish and love it, regardless of how it looks.

Learning self-acceptance has impacted my professional life by…

Empowering me to pursue what sets my heart on fire with unwavering confidence and self-belief. Self-acceptance is the number one tool in going after what you want in life—professionally and otherwise—unapologetically. When you live your life from a place of self-acceptance, there is no fear as to what others may think of you—and when you are living your life from THAT place, you make shit happen because you feel called to, regardless of what other people may think. You become less concerned with ‘failing’ and more focused on learning, trying and playing. Self-acceptance is freedom to show up as your true self—which creates a ripple of positivity when running your own business. Because if you aren’t backing yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

Ngaio ParrArtist / Curator / Founder of Make Nice conference

Image: @ngaioparr

To me, body positivity is about…

A balance between being grateful for my body and what it does for me, and being easy on myself if I am not 100% body positive every day! Body positivity can sometimes feel like yet another pressure for women/people, and it’s okay to have body neutrality—it lowers the pressure to have bulletproof self-esteem, which can be healthier at times, especially if you have perfectionist tendencies!

Learning self-acceptance has impacted my professional life by…

Meaning I can spend my energy on what is actually important to me.

Amrita HepiDancer / Writer / Advocate

career success
Image via Instagram user @amrita_moves

To me, body positivity is about…

Thanking my legs for working and my arms for moving and allowing me to have a career and get from a to b. It’s also about accepting that I’m not positive all the time about everything—because it’s unrealistic, and allowing myself to feel conflicted and critical in the spectrum as much as everything else.

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