6 Stylist-Approved Products I'm Using To Repair My Dry, Sun-Damaged Hair

Because, frizz.

julia giampietro hair

My regular hair routine basically starts with shampoo and ends with conditioner (and if you’re lucky I may even use a leave-in treatment every now and then). I wash it about twice a week depending on what I have on, let it dry naturally and straighten with a GHD. By Friday, it almost always ends up in a bun. I treat it to a good trim every couple of months or so and touch up my blonde ends a few times a year with some toners in between. And um, yeah… that’s pretty much it.
This used to serve me just fine, but I really noticed how neglected my hair was when I returned home from my holiday in Italy this year. Having spent literally every single day for three weeks out in the sun, swimming in the ocean and lying on the beach (hard life, but someone’s gotta do it), my hair was left dry, brittle and in desperate need of some serious TLC.
On my last visit to Edwards & Co, my hairdresser put me on a ‘hair repair’ action plan. At first I was like ‘whoah, way too many steps for me—not sure I’ll be able to do that’ but after a month in, I can already see a massive difference and the results are already enough for me to want to keep on going. Here’s a list of at-home products I’m currently using to bring my hair back to life (and in time for my wedding next year).

O&M Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo + Conditioner

dry sun damaged hair shampoo and conditioner
One word: Obsessed. This shampoo and conditioner duo literally smells like coconut and the entire O&M range is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients which I love. It works to hydrate and inject some much-needed moisture back into my hair.
Shop here.

Kevin Murphy RE.STORE

dry sun damaged hair
Lately I’ve been skipping the conditioner step and using this as a leave-in 5 minute treatment after my shampoo before washing out (it can be used as a replacement for both the shampoo and conditioner, however I find this way works for me). My hair feels so soft and knot-free when I get out of the shower and I find it so easy to brush through.
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Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment

After I’ve washed my hair, I brush it, towel dry it and massage two small pumps of this leave-in treatment through my hair (from root to tips). I find that my ends are less dry and brittle when I use this and it helps maintain my natural wave, minus the frizz.
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O&M Frizzy Logic

o&m frizzy logic dry hair
Speaking of frizz, I love love love this product. It smells so good and makes my hair feel amazing. I spritz it on dry hair and top up as needed every other day.
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Olaplex No.3 Bond Protector

I’ve been advised to apply this weekly by sleeping in it and washing it out the next morning to really speed up the repair process. It really does intensely hydrate damaged hair for a salon-like treatment at home.
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Vida Glow Collagen Powder

Okay, so this is technically one I’ve just added in myself, but beauty from the inside out, right? Admittedly, I’ve never been big on ingestible collagen supplements (or any beauty supplements for that matter) but after learning more and more about the benefits of marine collagen, I wanted to give it a go.
I add a scoop of the unflavoured powder into my bottle of water daily (shake it up until it dissolves, it’ll have a slight taste on the first few sips but then you can’t taste anything I promise) and although it might be too early to tell if it’s doing anything major, with all these products combined I honestly feel as though my hair is getting stronger and thicker.
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The verdict:

I’ve been following this routine for about a month now and have already noticed a HUGE difference in how my hair looks and feels. The frizz is way more manageable, my ends aren’t as dry and overall, it’s just a lot healthier. Will definitely be keeping this up with more frequent trims and the addition of in-salon hair treatments when needed to really move things along.

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