According to Healthline, one of the only visible you have stress is acne. Why do you ask? “When some people are feeling stressed out, they tend to touch their faces more often. This can spread bacteria and contribute to the development of acne. Several studies have also confirmed that acne may be associated with higher levels of stress.” Acne is definitely stress-inducing as well, and could be the cause of panic in and of itself.

chronic stress signs
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5) Your head constantly hurts:

There are many studies that find that chronic stress can make you get major headaches, pain in your head, and your neck. This study from the National Library of Medicine also found that one study of 267 people with chronic headaches found that a stressful event preceded the development of chronic headaches in about 45% of cases. A larger study also showed that increased stress intensity was associated with an increase in the number of headache days experienced per month. Headaches are definitely caused by stress.

chronic stress signs
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6) You feel more depressed than usual:

According to Healthline, “some studies suggest that chronic stress may contribute to the development of depression. One study of 816 women with major depression found that the onset of depression was significantly associated with both acute and chronic stress.” There was another study done in accordance that found higher levels of stress were associated with higher levels of depressive symptoms. Stress can really add to this and make it more of a headache.