5 skin-clearing, de-bloating & waist-slimming teas

In the past, tea has often been overlooked for its counterparts. However, tea aficionados know that a cup of this traditional beverage boasts a myriad of healthy benefits. The latest crop of teas offer amped-up versions of these benefits, touting skin-clearing, de-bloating and waist-slimming powers. With this is mind, these new-age teas could be the perfect addition to your daily routine. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites, just in time for a post silly season detox.

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Edible Beauty, slimming tea

Edible Beauty Slim Me Tea $24.00

Combining Puerrh tea, White tea and rose, this delicious, earthy-tasting tea is known to aid digestion, prevent weight gain, help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. All the ingredients are pure, botanical and wildcrafted for high quality, beneficial drink.

Edible Beauty Slim Me Tea 

Body Science slimming tea

Body Science GREENTEA TX100 $64.95

Harnessing the health-boosting properties of green tea, Body Science GREENTEA TX100 has been designed to aid hydration, boost your metabolism, keep you energised throughout the day, help reduce hunger cravings, enhance focus, and support your immunity. Most importantly, GREENTEA TX100 is a natural formation, with no artificial ingredients, only seven calories per serve and sweetness achieved via natural plant based sweeteners. It is also the first green tea formulation to incorporate probiotics, the powerful microorganisms that help to keep the digestive tract healthy. Just dissolve the powder in water or a fresh juice. Our favorite way to get a fix, though, is in smoothies — just add it to the blender like any other powdered supplement.

Body Science GREENTEA TX100 

Green Tea in 3

Green Tea in 3 $27.00

Created using a unique, low temperature, vacuum-extraction technology that creates pure, organic tea crystals, Green Tea in 3 can be added to hot or cold water and boasts the same health benefits of traditional green tea. These benefits include improved brain function, lowered risk of Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as weight loss. Available in three fresh fruit blends, Green Tea in 3 is a great option for healthy hydration.

Green Tea in 3

Pukka Detox tea

Pukka Tea Detox $7.95

Pukka’s Detox tea is a unique blend of powerful herbs with cleansing, detoxifying and soothing properties. Organic aniseed, cardamom and fennel give a delicious aromatic and sweet flavour while licorice root is extremely calming and nourishing to the entire body. We love that it is naturally caffeine free and 100% organically grown and ethically sourced.

Pukka Tea Detox 

The Seventh Duchess Detox Tea

The Seventh Duchess Radiance Organic Detox Tea $23.00 – $30.00

This elegantly packaged 100% organic tea is designed to purify, detox and reinvigorate the mind and body. The combination of ingredients work to promote healthy liver and kidney function, help reduce cravings and curbing appetites and support healthy metabolism and digestion.

The Seventh Duchess Radiance Organic Detox Tea 

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