5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier Summer

Keeping your health on track this summer might be easier than you think.

5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier Summer
5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier Summer

We’re just about in the thick of summer, soaking up all of the extra sunshine, ocean dips, and poolside sips. Summer living at its finest! But it also means that the accompanying heat, BBQ temptations, and travel stress might be starting to get the best of us. *raises hand*
In partnership with K-DEER – activewear that gives back – we’re sharing a few fun and easy ways to keep your health a priority this summer, without compromising any sweetness of the season.

1. Turn your smoothie into frozen pops

Waste not, want not. Today’s smoothie could be tomorrow’s healthy snack! Stop stressing over perfect portions, and pour any smoothie leftovers into a popsicle mold for later. You’ll have a frozen treat ready to cool down with, and those sexy superfood-loaded blends will last way longer than if you set it and forget it in the back of the fridge.

2. Slip into UPF leggings

This isn’t our first time sharing the love of K-DEER’s sleek, sun-protective styles, and their newest Track Attack collection is no different! Slip into their UPF 50+ and H20 friendly fabrics to support every summer adventure. Made to protect you from sun exposure while wicking away moisture, the high-functioning and flattering fits are specially designed to handle sweat and empower all of your wellness adventures. K-DEER is proud to be an inclusive, body-positive brand, offering size XS-4XL. And they ship internationally!
The Track Attack collection is inspired by action, competition, showing up and hustling. Three new styles with sleek lines, fresh colors, and striking silhouettes put some speed back into your game – with flattering style lines and trend-driven pops of color including magenta, coral, aqua, and teal.


Coveted racing stripes blend into a body-loving curve at the back of the body in this flattering and modern full-length legging style.

Shop the Racerback Leggings HERE

5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier Summer


Victory is a sneaker length legging with double stripe at the calf. A nod to vintage track and field stripes made modern with fresh colors.

Shop the Victory Leggings HERE

5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier Summer


A capri length legging with tonal vertical stripes, Sprint is both sporty and flattering.

Shop the Sprint Legging HERE

5 Simple Hacks For A Healthier Summer

3. Work a workout into your routine

It’s easy for schedules to get a bit scattered in the summer, but committing to some form of regular physical activity can work wonders for your sanity. If you find yourself regularly missing (or straight-up skipping) your normal workouts, switch things up to make exercise a little more social this season! Hit up your friends and try taking happy hour out of the bar –– not only will a 30-minute walk burn calories, but it’s also shown to improve mood and reduce the risk of disease. Plus, if you’ve got your K-DEER on, that sunset stroll just might turn into a spontaneous run before you know it.

4. Stay hydrated

If you’re reading this, stop and take a sip of water. Ahhh, feels good, right? During the hot summer months especially, heat and sweat can leave your bod dehydrated. Instead of eyeing a sugary drink, try popping in fresh herbs, cucumber or fruit to your water for a spa-like treat.

5. Swap ice Cream with nice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for nice cream. Made with a banana base and fruit instead of dairy and added refined sugar, nice cream is the perfect way to get your cold sweet fix without going off-track.

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