5 printed tights to add to your workout wardrobe

You’ve probably heard that if you look good after a workout, it probably wasn’t hard enough. Well, at Amodrn HQ we like to think a little differently. We think you can still work hard and look pretty darn good, too.
And this season, it’s all about printed tights that make a statement and offer all the qualities you love in a good pair of functional yoga tights.
To get you ahead of the game, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite styles. Comfortable and stylish, you’ll be wanting to wear them long after your Vinyasa flow.

5 printed tights to add to your workout wardrobe

printed tights

Dharma Bums

Dharma is sanskrit for duty, and we know it is your duty (we mean, secret intention) to look good while you sweat it out on the mat. With a high performance fabric and a (very) lifesaving, sweat-wicking feature, these eclectic tights will have you looking the part no matter which way you bend, twist or stretch. Pair with a simple black strappy sports bra so these bad boys take the spotlight.

Shop → Future Nature Standard WaistYoga Legging $85.00

printed tights


Reminiscent of a free spirited peacock combined with a fierce jungle cat, these fierce Bodyism tights will turn heads for all the right reasons. Adding an extra boost of confidence to your next downward dog, the moisture wicking fabric is perfect for pilates, yoga, cardio, or even the the toughest of HIIT’s. You can thank us later.

Shop → I am Fearless Leggings – Multicolour  $199.00

printed tights


We love the floral-meets-animal-print-meets-psychedelic-space vibe of these fresh tights from luxe activewear ATHLÉTIQ. There’s a lot going here, but it all comes together to offer you an original graphic design with pastel hues and an elegant combination of fashion and functionality. The sleek, supportive fit will help you through the toughest of workouts, but we think the design is so flattering you’ll want to wear it on the streets with some cool athleisure gear, too.

Shop → Opal Tights – Digi Flora White $155.00

printed tights

Laurie Nouchka

Hailing from England, artist Laurie Nouchka is transcending her urban landscape inspired abstract designs onto sportswear. The patterns and colours of these straight-off-the-canvas designs add texture and tonality to any workout. Made of Italian lycra and Eurojersey, these vibrant and bold tights are a must-have!

The collection is not yet available in Aussie retail stores, but is set out to be released in the up-coming months. Keep an eye out for these avant-garde statement pieces, or if you’re like us and can’t wait, head over to their website to order ASAP.
Shop → Laurie Nouchka Legging $204.00

printed tights

Under The Same Sun

These eco-friendly, high waisted tights may just be the best thing to come out of Sweden since ABBA. Jokes aside, we’re in trance with this psychedelic pastel style, which is made from recycled plastic and features a breathable, quick drying four way stretch design. Sign us up, because these leggings are definite winners, and if ABBA taught us one thing, it’s that the winner takes it all (wink, wink).

Shop → Vitality recycled high waisted leggings $163.00

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