5 of LA's Hottest Trainers Reveal the Classes They Actually Take

Celebrity trainers—they're just like us!

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Trainers seem like superhumans: They can whip out effortless burpees in the middle of class without losing their breath, or contort themselves into impossible shapes, and they don’t sweat—they glisten.
But they didn’t come out of the womb with those six-pack abs and rippling biceps. Nah, trainers work just as hard as you do to maintain their fitness. That often means squeezing in a workout after a full day of teaching and training clients—that’s dedication, people! And you know how you always feel like you get a better workout if you take a class or workout with a friend? Fitness professionals feel the same way, and they have their own favorite can’t-miss workouts.
We caught up with five of LA’s hottest trainers to learn about where they go for a solid butt-kicking and how they fuel their jam-packed days.

Jill Franklin, Aerial Physique

Jill is celebrity trainer and aerial expert. Her super popular classes (held in two locations in LA) are incredibly challenging, but so fun. Prepare for a serious arm and ab burn when you sign up for class! 

Workout schedule: 
I workout 6 to 7 days a week in addition to teaching aerial.
Favorite way to sweat:
I take a yoga, ballet, Pilates or a barre class pretty much daily in addition to teaching aerial. Aerial requires so much upper body strength, I do other things to balance it out. I love to workout in a way that feels makes my body and mind feel good. It’s not about just burning calories, it’s about enjoying my passion for movement while clearing my mind.
Pre- and post-workout recovery fuel: 
I make sure I’ve eaten a protein rich snack to initiate muscle recovery like nuts or almond butter and celery about an hour before a workout. Sometimes I’ll even have a small piece of dark chocolate to boost my energy! After the workout, I drink plenty of water and wait until I actually feel hungry before I eat. My next meal would include veggies along with protein & light carbs—something like a quinoa and veggie salad, wild-caught salmon with greens & brown rice, or a veggie omelet.
Sign up for class with Jill here.  

Diana Newton, Fitmix Studio

Fitmix Studio is unlike any other boutique gym in LA—and that’s saying something. The workout consists of treadmill intervals and Lagree-style pilates exercises that’ll torch serious calories and leave your muscles shaking (in a good way). The best thing about this place? The instructors are amazing—thanks, no doubt, to co-founder Diana Newton’s amazing training program. You can’t miss her class. 

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Workout schedule: 

I love to workout—I just feel better when I do. Working out is my practical therapy! If I’m feeling frustrated, exhausted, upset, anxious, I know I can go to a specific workout to help rebalance me. That means I usually work out six days a week, but I always honor my rest day. 

Favorite way to sweat:

It’s good to take class at other studios to be anonymous and really be a student. There’s always more to learn, and going to class makes you a better teacher.  When I work out, I like to go hard. Barry’s Bootcamp with my friend Astrid is a fave—I love the energy there because it’s so different than Fitmix. And I always get my a** handed to me!  I like it because I can go in there and feel like a warrior. For a more mindful practice, Hyperslow is super cute—there’s very good energy there. It’s light and bright, and the classes are great. Of course, I love Prevail. I’ve been going to them since the beginning when they opened, and we’re super supportive of each other. If I just want a really fun class to take with friends or to bond with my trainers, we go hang out at Training Mate. Those guys are hilarious! 

Pre- and post-workout recovery fuel: 

I drink a kombucha every single day. Other than that, I eat really clean. A few years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, so I put myself on an anti-inflammatory diet. It was really helpful, but it means I don’t eat dairy, gluten, or refined sugar. Well, sometimes I sneak a cookie! 

Sign up for class with Diana here

Milan Costich, Prevail Los Angeles

The idea of lacing up boxing gloves and stepping up to the bag is pretty intimidating to people—not so at Prevail Los Angeles. The unassuming gym is situated in a brick building in Mid-City, and counts celebs like Jaime Chung and our fave Nike athlete Kirsty Godso as regulars. Founder Milan Costich makes everyone feel welcome, and is known for his unique, body-sculpting workouts. 

Workout schedule: 
I stay active every day. When I was younger, my mentality was, “I’m gonna push as hard as I can for every single workout.” I’ve got a ton of injuries to show for it. Now, in my mid-thirties, the focus is on health and longevity. So I workout at Prevail twice a week, box twice a week, and do yoga-based mobility work daily. I see a physical therapist weekly, too, for soft tissue work.
Favorite way to sweat:
I box at other gyms because I like training with other coaches. I also love doing Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, because I’m not very good at it! It’s very humbling, and it keeps me in the mindset of being a student. I take class at Cobrinha [Brazillian Jui-Jitsu and Fitness]—it is so hard, so it’s a great practice in humility for me. 
Pre- and post-workout recovery fuel: 
I eat pretty much all day—I’ve found that eating almost every two hours is best for my energy levels and mental function. I always do a protein shake before and after a workout, and usually add in some BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) post-workout. I’ve noticed in makes me feel like I can push harder throughout my whole workout and still feel energized enough to do a second class.
Sign up for class with Milan here

True Blake, Y7

Yoga-phobic? Never fear. Y7 is the dope yoga studio you’ve been waiting for. Biggie and Jay-Z blast from the speakers while infrared heat warms up the dark studio. Get ready to #flowhard, in a good way. True Blake is one of Y7’s most in-demand instructors—he’s tough, but one class with him and you’ll feel like a new person. 

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Workout schedule: 
I teach Monday through Thursday at Y7. We flow hard, and I know every time I take class at our studio I’m going to get a really good workout. But I think it’s important to do something other than yoga, so I’ll often work out at other studios on my days off.
Favorite way to sweat:
Spin is amazing for getting your aggression out—you can just dance and sweat and yell to the music. I love Soulcycle for that. But lately, I have this secret obsession with Crossfit! I go to Lockbox—they’re so great.
Pre- and post-workout recovery fuel:

The perfect workout experience would be to sweat out all your toxins at Y7 and then replenish electrolytes with a coconut water. It’s my favorite! I even get it delivered to my house.
Sign up for class with True here

Kara Griffin, Feel This

Holistic nutritionist and celeb trainer Kara Griffin is beloved by her clients for her intuitive, creative, and unique classes. Combining elements of meditation, toning workouts, boot camp classes, and yoga (and sometimes a trampoline or two), Griffin transforms her clients from inside out. 

Sweat schedule:  

Usually 3 to 5 times per week depending on how busy the week is. Since clients usually take up most, if not all, of peak class times, I typically have to find the motivation to give yourself a workout!

Favorite way to sweat:

I love Sweat Garage (where I also teach classes!) Any methods that incorporate running and/or dancing is always most fun to me. I also love an athletic, sweaty yoga class.

Pre- and post-workout recovery fuel: 

Since I feel best if I can fit in a workout before noon, green smoothies with plant protein and coconut usually serve as breakfast and a pre-workout fuel. For post-workout, an egg scramble with tons of different veggies is my go-to. 

Sign up for class with Kara here

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