5 Holistic Ways To Give Your Hair Some TLC This Winter

Spoiler: Moisture is your best friend.

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Your skin’s dry, your lips are chapped as anything and you’re kicking yourself for wishing away the warmer weather on account of your love for knitwear and penchant for red wine. You might also have noticed your hair take a slight downturn since the colder weather ensued—and that’s because the combination of low outside temperatures and dry indoor heat can unleash havoc on your locks, leaving you susceptible to breakage, damage and split ends. Here’s 5 ways to show your hair some much-needed TLC during winter:

Shampoo less often

Winter is the perfect time to dip your toe into the oil-training lifestyle. Thanks to the drying nature of the weather, your hair is more prone to breakage and split ends—which stand to cause dull and dreary locks all season long. Ultimately, the more you do to your hair during colder weather, the more it will suffer.

Training your hair to go longer between washes will save you a helluva load of time and money in the long run, and your hair will really reap the benefits. When you do wash, make sure your shampoo is sulfate free to increase the longevity of your lather. Or, in order to remove excess buildup which will undoubtedly be worsening the greasiness—why not give a peppermint cleansing mask a whirl?

And if you’re really struggling to come to terms with the absence of that just washed feeling—you’re in seasonal headwear luck (which is a bloody great place to be, let’s be real). Beanies, fedoras and bakerboys all provide the perfect antidote to lank locks.

Photo by Alex Suprun on Unsplash

Cut down on heat

Bit of a no-brainer really, but because you’re already going to be exposed to the drying effects of indoor heating, adding even more heat to your hair during winter is going to do you zero favours. Skip the straightener, cut the curling wand and opt for something natural—the half bun is your one-stop-shop to looking effortless as anything, and it’s perfect for when you CBF styling. Whadda dream.

Weekly masks

And make it the moisturising queen of all masks—your hair will drink it up. A mask really is a non-negotiable during cold, dry weather, and you can even create one yourself with ingredients that you eat on the daily. Olive oil, avocado, egg and honey mask, anyone? Or, if you’d rather get your mask already made, try these five wonders for damaged tresses.

Never go outside with wet hair

Make sure your hair is properly dry before you leave the house. Cold air makes damp hair more prone to breakage and also causes colour to fade more quickly—so making sure that your hair is properly dry before you trot off to work is fundamental to maintaining your hair health during colder weather.

Oil, oil and more oil

ICYMI, face oils are having a serious moment right about now—as we all wise up to the fact that they’re hydrating as hell, especially in winter. Well, the same is true for your hair, and some of the best ones to aim for will probably be lurking in your pantry. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, rosemary essential oil and the holy grail of Ayurveda—castor oil, are all great picks that will moisturise your tresses from top to toe this winter.

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