5 eco-chic gadgets every home needs

There’s no need to sacrifice style when you go green

With an increasing range of eco-friendly technology and products for the home, there’s no need to sacrifice style when you go green. Case in point: we’ve found five seriously cool and super-stylish gadgets that’ll help you save water, energy, and money, as well as reduce waste.

5 of our favourite eco-friendly pieces to shop now


Altered:Nozzle, eco-friendly, kickstarter,
Image via Kickstarter

The nozzle extension by Altered conserves 98% of the water used by the tap in your kitchen sink. It is easily attached and uses a misting faucet to drastically reduce the amount of water used. The eco-friendly nozzle turns the water into millions of microscopic droplets in a process called atomisation. This creates a fine mist-like stream. In addition, the nozzle comes in three different finishes so you’re sure to find one that’ll suit your kitchen décor.

Lamp Mygdal

Lamp Mygdal, kickstarter
Image via Gadget Flow

Nui Studio has managed to create a self-sustained ecosystem within an eco-friendly lamp. Using LED lights and an electrically conductive glass coating, the Mygdal lamp houses a plant that can be grown and nourished without external light. It can be hung from the ceiling to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. It can also be placed on your desk to give light (and some personality) to your office.

Vello Bike

Hello Bike, eco-friendly
Image via Trend Hunter

Australian design studio, Vello has combined electric, self-charging, and folding features into an eco-friendly bicycle. The high-tech bicycle recharges its lithium-ion battery through the rider’s pedaling and braking. At full charge, it provides pedaling assistance for up to 32 km (woah!). Pedal support can be controlled through an app, which also lets you lock the bike remotely. Not to mention, the Vello Bike weighs less than 12 kg and folds easily for transportation.

Lemon California Roll

Lemon California Roll, bluetooth speakers, portable speakers
Image via Digital Trends

The Lemon California Roll is a portable Bluetooth speaker powered by solar energy. Born from a desire to remove the hassle of cords and cables, the portable eco-friendly speaker can be taken virtually anywhere. That’s right, it doesn’t require an adaptor for different overseas outlets. It uses NASA grade solar cells and boasts 20 hours of battery life. The speaker also has a USB port meaning it can double as a charger for your phone and laptop.

Ikea Recycling Solution

ikea sustainable, recycling, eco-friendly
Image via Ikea

Recycling is something everybody can do, and this space-saving Ikea system makes it that much easier. It helps you separate your recyclables in a way that works for you. The bins are easy to lift and carry, and the lids lock in odours, so you’ll never have a smelly bin again – win!

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