5 Easy Beauty Swaps That'll Save Your Skin This Autumn

It's officially time to switch up your routine.

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Autumn, and all of its hay fever-inducing, moisture-sucking glory, comes at the same time, every year. Yet, we always seem to be completely unprepared for the cooler weather and as a result, our skin totally freaks out. Not this year, though! This year, we’re tucking away our matte lipsticks and lightweight creams for products that are altogether richer and more indulgent.
Ahead, you’ll find the best ways to transition your beauty routine from summer to autumn.

5 Beauty Product Swaps To Make This Autumn

Look for gentle exfoliants

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Exfoliation is always important, but it’s especially vital to your autumn skincare arsenal. It’ll slough off dead skin cells (and general flakiness) and also help your skin absorb your moisturiser, serums, or whatever else is involved in your routine. Just be sure to look for gentle formulas that won’t strip or irritate your skin and steer clear of harsh ingredients. Click here to see a few of our favourites.

Load up on oils

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Sure, the cold temps (and the wind) are one thing that can cause your skin to act up, but the heat indoors is another. That’s why we reach for face and body oils. Oils are jam-packed with vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants to heal, protect and hydrate the skin. And no, counter-intuitive as it sounds, they won’t make your skin oilier or clog your pores.
At the moment, we can’t go past The Buff’s Personalised (and monogrammed!) Face Oil, which is formulated with organic-only oils to address your specific skincare needs.

Invest in masks

Is your skin looking and feeling a little dull? The best way to get back your healthy glow is by using a face mask before bed or while you sleep. Amala’s Hydrating Yoghurt Mask is perfect for extra dry or sensitive skin as it’s formulated with super-nourishing plant ingredients. Whereas, Glam Glow’s Supermud Clearing Treatment is a must-try for those with congested, blemish-prone skin.
Want more options? Click here to see our favourite sheet masks.

Shelve your lightweight body lotion

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Stash away your current body lotion for a thicker, more nourishing cream to treat dry, cracked skin. The ever-popular Creme De Corps from Kiehl’s quenches dehydrated skin and restores its suppleness while Aesop’s Rind Concentrate Body Balm is another winner in our book—it’s thick and creamy but never heavy or greasy.

Switch to hydrating lip products

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Some lipstick formulas have a knack for draining the moisture right out of your lips. And as anyone who’s worn a bold lipstick can attest, fuchsia, coral, burgundy or whatever colour you may be wearing doesn’t look so pretty when it’s smeared onto dry, chapped lips. So this season, reach for a hydrating lip product that still lends a little colour with mega-what shine, like Dior Addict Lip Glow.

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