4 Skin Benefits Of Switching To A Natural Mineral Foundation

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Mineral makeup is kind of like collagen. You know it’s good for you, you know it should be a part of your everyday beauty routine, yet you might not necessarily understand the reasons as to why.
Although it might seem like the latest beauty fad, mineral makeup dates way back to when ancient civilisations used to grind their own minerals sourced from the land and use it as a way to apply colour/coverage to their skin (for both beautifying and camouflaging purposes).
Due to the fact that women are becoming more conscious about their health, lifestyle and environmental choices, mineral makeup is now more popular than ever before.
Nude by Nature is one brand you can thank for that. Pioneers in mineral makeup, Nude by Nature launched the Natural Mineral Cover Foundation as one of their very first products 10 years ago, and continues to be Australia’s No.1 mineral makeup brand. The Nude by Nature makeup collection is made from 100% natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types, and cruelty-free.
Yet to make the switch? Here are 4 reasons you should consider opting for a natural mineral foundation if you haven’t done so already!

1. Contains good-for-you ingredients

Much research in this area suggests that mineral makeup is better for your skin overall due to the fact that it contains more natural, skin loving ingredients and should contain fewer unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives—all of which are known to potentially cause irritation and clog pores.
Not only does Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Foundation contain no nasties, it’s also formulated with active natural ingredients that work to help improve and enhance the appearance of your skin for longer-term benefits. Ingredients include jojoba esters to nourish the skin, and kaolin clay which effectively absorbs excess oil.

mineral foundation
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2. Suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin

Don’t you *hate* it when you wear makeup to cover your breakouts, only to find that you’ve made them worse? Yah, us too.
Mineral-based formulas such as Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Foundation offer a gentler approach to building coverage which makes it less likely to aggravate sensitive and acne-prone skin. It’s naturally oil-free and non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores and has the added benefits of the kaolin clay to ensure you won’t look shiny in all the wrong places come lunchtime.

3. It’s super breathable and lightweight

Rather than having to lather on thick formulas to cover your blemishes, Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Foundation is made from a finely milled texture and a lightweight formulation which allows you to build your desired coverage without it looking and feeling chalky.
It allows your skin to breathe as it naturally would without sacrificing on coverage, and it’s especially loved by those who don’t like wearing lots of makeup but still want to achieve a radiant, even complexion.

mineral foundation
Image: Nude by Nature

4. Sun protection benefits

Mineral foundations such as Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Foundation contain two major ingredients that provide natural sun protection including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are both commonly found in sunscreen. These ingredients also provide key anti-ageing benefits which make it desirable for everyday use.
To celebrate Nude by Nature’s 10-year milestone, the brand has released a limited edition 10 Year Anniversary Collection to hero their No.1 selling Natural Mineral Cover Foundation. It’s the same award-winning formula with a new luxe rose gold packaging!
Visit https://nudebynature.com.au/ for more.

This is a paid article by Nude by Nature

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