4 Reasons The Mediterranean Diet Is Our Best Friend, And Why We Should Be Following It

Pass us the bread and olive oil, please.

Be honest—if you were out for dinner, would you eat something high in carbs without a second thought?
It’s a sad truth but most people wouldn’t. Most scan a menu with weight-conscious eyes, checking to see what meal is approved by their current diet. But that’s the problem with diets, they’re about restriction and weight loss—what about health and wellbeing?
When it comes to diets, we’ve got it all wrong apparently. Forget the Atkins diet, the 5:2 diet, the 4-Hour diet, and the Taco diet and focus on a meal plan that’s going to make you feel really good; the one that’s going to prevent disease and promote long-term health.
The tried-and-tested method is the Mediterranean Diet. Just picture a delicious outdoors lunch with your family and friends, plates of sliced juicy red tomatoes drizzled in extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper with a squeeze of lemon juice, grilled seafood and vegetables, organic wines, warm crusty bread with dipping vinegar accompanied by a crispy green salad—now that’s a Mediterranean feast!

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A study found that the Mediterranean Diet improves HDL function (that eliminates bad cholesterol from the bloodstream) but the improvement was much larger among those consuming an extra quantity of extra virgin olive oil. And when it comes to choosing olive oil, it’s best from Spain.
Find out what how the Mediterranean Diet can make you the healthiest version of yourself over on the Olive Oils from Spain blog, here.

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