4 Crystals To Help Harness The Energy Of Aquarius Season

A dose of grounding earth energy for airy Aquarius.

4 Crystals to Help Harness the Energy of Aquarius Season

Welcome to Aquarius season! Things are about to get weird, in only the best way. As a welcome retreat from the practical, structured and work-obsessed days of Capricorn’s influence, Aquarius energy ushers in a breath of fresh air along with a quirky, silly, and playful vibe. It’s time to be unabashedly yourself and let your freak flag fly!  
Just as every sign builds on the sign that came before it, Aquarius takes Capricorn’s goal-oriented ambition and gives us the opportunity to think of the future in new and different ways. Without Capricorn’s heavy focus on hard work and achievement, revolutionary Aquarius encourages us to be imaginative and even a little rebellious.
It’s a time for thinking outside of the box, for finding radical ways of doing and being that make the world a better place. Because here’s the paradox: although Aquarius energy shines a light on individualism, it’s ultimately humanitarian and absolutely devoted to using that uniqueness for the collective good.
With our head in the clouds and the winds of change whipping through air sign Aquarius until February 18th, we’ll all be well off reaching for earthy, grounding crystals to help warm and stabilize the energy of the season. Below, four crystals to help you embrace and harness the energy of Aquarius this season.  

4 Crystals to Help Harness the Energy of Aquarius Season
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Amethyst is a gentle yet powerful stone that can help you assimilate new concepts and determine what lofty ideas to actually move forward with. Reach for amethyst through times of change and transition as you move into any new phase. Amethyst is also known as the stone for sobriety, which makes it an ideal tool for the sober curious or those experimenting with dry January and beyond.

4 Crystals to Help Harness the Energy of Aquarius Season
Image via Energy Muse


Hematite is an excellent stone for balancing and grounding all of the air and water energy surrounding Aquarius season. Bringing your mind, body and spirit back down to earth, Hematite can clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety and worry, and usher in a sense of calm, clarity and focus. Hematite is considered a powerful detoxifying stone, which can help you clear the slate and let go of the past as you move into the future. New year, new you!

4 Crystals to Help Harness the Energy of Aquarius Season
Image via Energy Muse


One of the best stones to use with Aquarian energy, this intuitive crystal helps bring tranquility and calmness to an overactive mind and stimulating environment. Meditate with Aquamarine to further clear the mind and balance out any unstable emotions. Connected to both the mind and throat chakra, Aquamarine can help you turn your swirling thoughts and ideas into words, and eventually reality.

4 Crystals to Help Harness the Energy of Aquarius Season
Image via Sage Goddess

Blue Apatite

Apatite is best known for inspiring action! It’s often easy to get stuck on the larger picture and far-sighted visions during Aquarius season. If you find yourself spending more time daydreaming and idealizing the perfect future than taking actionable steps toward it, apatite can help bring you back to the present and plan out the most productive next steps to take. Like a good matcha latte, apatite can give you an extra boost of motivation to actually follow through with your creative concepts and original ideas. 

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