3 ways to step outside your comfort zone

It could change your life for the better.

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Be it the rise of the insta-famous travel blogger, fitness star or wellness coach, now, more than ever, we’re craving soul expanding experiences. The ones that take us out of our comfort zone and into a life that is beyond the four corners of our work cubicle.
Perhaps we could attribute our keen sense of curiosity for epic events to a health tipping point, a knowing something has to change, not only personally but as a global community, and that creating more ‘positivity’ than ‘party hangover’ is not just a preference but a must.
Whatever the reason, it’s positive, powerful and perhaps that start of some profound changes within our culture.
I recently had three experiences that have shifted my perspective in large way and to the point where every part of me is asking for more.

How far can I go and how deep can I dive?

A Soul Awakening Experience

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A few weeks ago I took myself off to one of Australia’s much loved health retreats, The Golden Door. I chose something from Spa Elysia that was a little outside the box. There aren’t really words to describe the experience but ‘freeing’ could come close. Described as ‘an intuitively guided conversation that gently, yet profoundly enables the unravelling and dissolution of outdated beliefs and emotional patterns,’ the session involves both sound and energy healing. An absolute must and worth either a leisurely weekend at the Golden Door or a day trip at least.

Leading Flow After Dark Silent Yoga Disco

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Leading a sea of 600 yogis at out most recent Sydney event was spine tingling. If, in high school, you had of told me I’d be a yoga teacher for a living – I would have laughed in your face. And had you of told me I’d be leading the world’s largest silent yoga disco I think I would have stared at you blankly and told you you were a crazy person. But that’s life – a series of incredible experiences. And if I look at the unexpected string of Flow After Darks this year, they’ve been so far the peak of my career. Why? Because there’s something about so many people coming together to move, breath and feel good. It’s truly moving. Looking forward to leading Queensland soon.

Honest Conversation

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How often is it that we just skim the surface? When was the last time you had a really deep, authentic and honest conversation with someone that left you feeling either more connected in some way or that you felt a huge sigh of relief from having? I’m talking the big stuff. Prompted shortly after my ‘Soul Awakening Experience’ as above (I can’t help but think the two were divinely related), I built the courage to have a conversation with some of my family members that was a long time coming. Things that had been swept under the carpet for decades got surfaced. It was confronting and uncomfortable – vulnerability in full force – but healing in so many ways. For both myself and them. It taught me the value of honest and ongoing communication and that everyone’s core – they just want to love and be loved.

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