3 tinted dry shampoos that won't leave a white residue

Dry shampoo has long solved our problems of oily hair and busy schedules, but as many brunettes may know, formulas that suit blondes sometimes leave white, dandruff-looking residue on their darker strands. Alas, we’ve found the answer to your dry shampoo woes. A new crop of tinted formulas have landed on shelves and we’ve rounded up our favourites.
So go ahead, treat your tresses and enjoy the no fuss approach of a skipped shampoo session. We promise we won’t tell!

Shop our favourite tinted dry shampoos:

tinted dry shampoo

Ambiance Cosmetics Dry Shampoo

This all-natural, vegan powder comes in range of tinted shades, and even if your hair colour is on the adventurous side, there’s a no-tint version that’ll keep your blue or bright red locks looking luscious. The products are refillable, just unscrew the base from the brush and refill with the desired shade. To make things even more fun, you can be your own hair artist and mix the shades to match your perfect colour.

We love: The small, compact applicator, which is easy to sneak into your bag as an emergency hair fixer, or even on a plane thanks to its powder formula (unlike it’s flammable equivalent, aerosol).

Shop Ambiance Dry Shampoo $34.95

tinted dry shampoo

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Featuring natural volumizing and deodorising agents, this Morrccanoil formula will lift lifeless locks, and, ultimately, refresh your entire beauty look. The light tone offers subtle violet undertones to help balance brassiness on blondes, while the dark tone is formulated with ultra-fine rice starches to maintain richness and dimension.

We love: Moroccanoil’s divine signature scent – fresh, feminine and sophisticated.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light Tones and Dark Tones  will be available from mid-February 2016 online www.moroccanoil.com.au 

tinted dry shampoo

SACHAJUAN Dark Volume Powder

This miracle-in-a-bottle is a must-have in any brunette’s beauty arsenal. Specifically designed for darker locks, it promises to create volume and provide structure without weighing your hair down.

We love: The matt finish and fresh feel between shampoos.

Shop SACHAJUAN Dark Volume Powder $40.00

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