3 protein rich breakfast recipes for busy mornings

Easy and delicious.

6 a.m. Alarm blares. Hit snooze button immediately.
6.15 a.m. Alarm blares. Ugh, just five more minutes.
6.30 a.m. Okay, now I really need to get up.
7 a.m. Jump out of bed. Running late…once again.
We get it, sometimes it’s easier to curl up and get some more shut-eye (especially when it’s cold) than to get out of bed and figure our what to eat. However, the benefits of starting your day with a nutritious, protein-rich meal are pretty hard to ignore.
Luckily, you can have your sleep and eat a healthy breakfast too. Ahead, you’ll find three of Jacqueline Alwill’s favourite breakfast recipes that are not only quick and simple to make, but are also jam-packed with essential nutrients.

3 healthy breakfast recipes for busy mornings

Berry Smoothie Bowl

Serves 1
Jacqueline Alwill, The Complete Dairy, Protein milk, healthy dairy breakfast recipesIngredients:
1/2 frozen banana
1 cup strawberries
1 teaspoon beetroot powder
1/2 cup The Complete Dairy Light Milk
2 tablespoons oats
1 tablespoon psyllium husk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
To serve: 2 tablespoons chopped almonds, sliced dragon fruit, blueberries, sliced strawberries

  1. Combine all ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor and blend to combine.
  2. Pour into a bowl and top with your choice of extras.

Green Eggs

Serves 1
Jacqueline Alwill, The Complete Dairy, Protein milk, healthy dairy breakfast recipesIngredients 
1/2 cup The Complete Dairy Full Cream Milk
2 eggs
1 spring onion, white part only finely chopped
1/2 zucchini, grated
1 tablespoon picked dill leaves
Salt and pepper
Coconut oil, to grease
1/2 cup baby spinach leaves
To serve: 1/4 avocado, sauerkraut, baby spinach, extra herbs

  1. In a small bowl whisk together the eggs and milk. Stir through the spring onion, grated zucchini and dill leaves. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Lightly grease a medium sized fry pan with coconut oil over a medium high heat. Pour the egg mixture into the pan tilting the pan side to side to ensure an even coverage.
  3. Cook for 6 minutes before placing the baby spinach on top. Use a spatula to gently fold over one side of the omelette to cover the spinach and cook for a further 4 minutes.
  4. Transfer to a plate and serve with your choices of extras.

Turmeric Milk

Serves 2
Jacqueline Alwill, The Complete Dairy, Protein milk, healthy dairy breakfast recipes, turmeric latteIngredients:
2 cups The Complete Dairy Full Cream Milk
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons rice malt syrup

  1. Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan over a medium heat. Whisk intermittently for 3 minutes until the milk is warmed.
  2. Divide between two glasses and top with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon to serve.
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