Meet Calvin Klein's New Florals That'll Inspire Your Next Sweat Sesh

Workout wardrobe getting a little bland? Let’s nip that in the bud.

3 Florals to Inspire Your Next Sweat Sesh
3 Florals to Inspire Your Next Sweat Sesh

Whether you’re a regular runner or stuck in a fitness hiatus, it’s about that time of year where everyone’s workout wardrobe could use a little breath of fresh air. 2018 is officially more than halfway through (uh, say what?!) and now’s the perfect time to tune in and reevaluate those health and fitness goals you made back in January when motivation seemed a little easier to come by. Access your progress, embrace where you’re at, and feel free to adjust or totally scrap and create brand new goals! Need inspiration? We’ll never be ones to underestimate the influence of a fresh and flattering new ‘fit to get us out the door and moving.

Beck Wilcock wearing the Printed Fitness Pants and the Floral Print Bra

This season, tap into the power of flowers to give your workouts a boost and add a little extra pep in your step! We’ve fallen for the sleek Calvin Klein Performance range, featuring pretty petals and oversized blooms for a fun feminine edge. Fit to flatter, each piece is designed to keep you supported while skimming all the right places, with innovative stretch and quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you feeling fresh as a daisy.
Ready to knock out those goals, and look good while doing it? Invigorate your look and slip into these three floral styles to stay blooming through the year, no green thumb required.

Floral Print Bra

Beck Wilcock wearing the Floral Print Bra

Comfort meets cool with this supportive and moisture-wicking sports bra. Contrasting panels compliment the simple florals for a more sporty look.

Printed Fitness Pants

Beck Wilcock wearing the Printed Fitness Pants

Who doesn’t love a little mesh moment? Florals get an edgy update with sheer mesh panels and a sporty stripe in this look.

Keep scrolling to see more of our fave florals:

Epic Knit Logo Tank with Stripe

3 Florals to Inspire Your Next Sweat Sesh
The iconic Calvin Klein Performance logo gets a soft, pastel twist. Made from a soft blended cotton and infused with moisture-wicking properties, this is a pretty piece you can wear solo or layer up with.

Fitness Compression Pants

3 Florals to Inspire Your Next Sweat Sesh
Bloom baby, bloom. These figure-hugging black floral tights make for a versatile activewear staple.

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