3 bottles that make sure you never forget to drink water

Sometimes drinking water is the last thing on our minds, or can easily come second to (surprise, surprise) coffee.

In our busy (or should we say hectic) lives, sometimes drinking water is the last thing on our minds, or can easily come second to (surprise, surprise) coffee – our morning glory.
We all know that water is the essence of life and extremely important for maintaining  optimum health, but the real question is: are we getting enough of it?
Behold: the latest range of smart water bottles. Designed to track your water intake, these high-tech bottles are set to revolutionise the health and wellness industry, and your lifestyle.
Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up three of our favourites. Now, you really have no excuse not to drink up!

3 bottles that make sure you never forget to drink water


HidrateSpark, water, smart water bottles
Dubbed the water bottle of the future, the HidrateSpark tracks your water intake and syncs to the HidrateSpark app on your phone, recommending a customised daily goal. Our favourite part: the bottle will glow, along with reminders from the app, alerting you to drink up.
For more info, visit www.hidratespark.com

Moikit Seed

Moikit, smart water bottles
Made from Japanese stainless steel, this lightweight smart water bottle ensures adquate hydration by giving you a nudge when your body is due for a hydration boost. How, you wonder? A sensor is located in the water bottles cap, which measures the volume of air left in the bottle. The LED touchscreen display will continually remind you of the percentage of water you have consumed by vibrating and appearing on the cap throughout the day – genius!
For more info, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/seed-the-smart-bottle-that-never-forgets-about-you#/


MyHydrate, smart water bottles
Featuring a clever smart disk, this drink bottle tracks water intake and sends off timely reminders to rehydrate. We especially love that this design is 100% spill proof, because who wants water all through their new gym bag – not us, that’s for sure!
For more info, visit www.myhydrate.com

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