15 Valentine's Day Cards That Won't Make You Cringe

They're cute, funny and not at all cringeworthy.

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. If you happen to be in a relationship, its a time for romance, spending money and making lots of decisions. What are you going to do on the day/night? What are you going to buy your partner? What’s an appropriate amount of money to spend based on the amount of time you’ve been together? But the biggest decision of all is definitely what card to get them. In fact, considering most of the cards on the market tend to be sickeningly lovey dovey, it can tempting to forgo it altogether. But let’s be honest, a present without a card feels pretty impersonal. Without it, your romantic gift could be from pretty much anyone!
Luckily, there are cards out there that are cute and thoughtful without being sickly sweet. You just have to look a little harder for them! But to save you the hassle, we’ve rounded up the least cringe-worthy Valentine’s Day cards you can order online. They’re simple, funny and at times, a little bit puntastic. Whether you’ve been together for three months or been married for three years, there’s something here for everyone. Not only will your partner be impressed with your unique card, you’ll be supporting small businesses too — because, let’s face it, Hallmark already has enough money.

There’s always time for ice-cream!

Shop Milk and Cookies card.

Realistic romance

Shop PostLoveDesigns card.

But first, coffee

Shop RubyAndPearlPress card.

Slim pickings


Magic moments

Shop Blacklist Store card.

What would Beyonce do?

Shop wnktheshop card.

One for the pug enthusiasts

Shop Cardpickle card.

The hearts say it all

Shop Blacklist Store card.

Rock on


For your fave

Shop WordFindersClub card.


Shop MumAndMeDesigns card.

Simple but sweet

Too cute

Shop Blacklist Store card.

True love!

Shops MrsBestCo card.

A gutsy choice

Shop ThePaisley Five card.

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