11 Clean Minimalist Interiors Tips For Beginners

All about that minimalist life.

Minimalist design has evolved a lot since the white, black, and chrome look of the 1980s. There are so many iterations and interpretations of the idea of “minimalism,” and it seems that in 2020 we’re in a new age of clean, organized spaces.
No doubt, today’s state of minimalism is inspired by a few external forces: Marie Kondo’s singular success with her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up;” simple and clean branding for companies like Glossier, The Ordinary, and Brandless; and the “Silverlake shaman” style that’s all over Instagram.
When you smash all of these seemingly disparate ideas together, you get minimalism in 2020—clean and warm, organized but not sterile, light and bright and most of all, attainable at any price point. We love that the look is inviting and unfussy, all while staying cool and uniquely minimalist. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite looks, and how to get them at home.

Cut down on furniture

Image by @studiomcgee

It’s ok to have an open space in your home. We love this simple hanging chair paired with a few floor pillows. The look is clean and unfussy—and the texture of the chair opens up the room so much.

Monochrome isn’t boring

Image by @minimaliststyle

You can never go wrong with greyscale. We love how this white has pink and purple tones, which makes it a little warmer and more inviting than a blue-toned white.

Embrace desert minimalism

via @archdigest

Light ceramics, natural fabrics, and light wood materials make up the desert minimalism aesthetic.

Opt for a few key pieces of art


We love a good gallery wall, but sometimes all you need are a few strategically placed pieces to make a statement.

Accessorize with plants

Minimalist interiors
Image by Instagram @lemongrovelane

Utilize living elements in your minimalist space to keep things from getting too sterile. No true minimalist would ever turn down a succulent, orchid, or fiddle leaf fig tree!

Compliment white walls with natural colors and textures

via @dylangmoss

Cream, beige, natural white, blush, soft brown—they’re all options when it comes to minimalism in 2017.

Natural light is a must

via @dwellmagazine

OK, is one entire side of your house all windows? Probably not. But the more natural light you can integrate into a minimalist space, the better. Not only does natural light literally brighten up a space, but it also brings a natural warmth to a room. Avoid fluorescent lights as often as possible—they’re too sterile and evocative of a hospital or office.

Add an accent piece into your space

via @dylangmoss

Trying to go minimalist, but love that weird hippie-inspired rug you found at the flea market? Don’t be worried that it won’t go with the vibe—instead, embrace that weird piece of furniture you love and make it the star of the show.

Don’t be afraid to leave some empty space

via @dwellmagazine

A trademark of minimalism? Open space. Don’t get freaked out if every inch of your home isn’t designed to a T—that’s kind of the point.

Go all-white

via @designmilk

Hello, IKEA!

Make it personal

via @msminimalist

Most importantly, add a little character to your space by integrating items you love. You don’t need lots of things—just a few pieces that really matter to you.
Feature image by Instagram @lemongrovelane

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