10 Sure Fire Signs That Show You Are Ready To Live Alone

Read through these clues to know when the time is right.

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Your childhood home will always feel warm and cozy, but there comes a time when you have to move on from it in order to find your own path in life. Adulthood knocks and just like that, you realize that it is no longer cool or tenable to live off your mom’s fridge. But then, you haven’t saved enough to buy your own house. That is where the idea of house rents or buying a house comes in. This post focuses on 10 signs that should tell you that your time to live alone has come.

1) You Are Beginning To Hate The Noise

If you have been craving for solitude lately, that is an indication that you don’t want to share your space with other people. Maybe you are feeling bothered whenever your roommate or siblings enquire about your day, or when you are forced to listen to their boring stories.

Or maybe you are feeling that someone is monopolizing the bathroom so much that you aren’t getting enough time in the shower. What about the TV; do you like the noises your roommate makes when watching a movie, which is “not good” to start with? If you are constantly in such situations, then the problem is not those other people. The problem is that you haven’t moved out yet.

2) You Feel Comfortable Paying Your Bills All By Yourself

How do you like the idea of paying the electricity, water, and garbage collection bills? Are you able and willing to stay on top of all the bills that staying alone will precipitate? If yes, by all means, find your own apartment. We have heard that balance is the key to a successful life, so you start to find the balance in everything you do and everything falls into place.

3) Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

Maybe your roommate or parents are uncomfortable whenever your significant other comes over, so you are feeling like you deserve to have the whole house alone with him/her. Could be you are ready to move things with him/her to the next level, but you share your bedroom with your little brother/sister. If that’s your situation right now, it is time to pack your bags and leave.

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4) You Are Tired Of Fighting For The Remote

You feel like you should dictate what everyone in that house watches or listens to and when you can’t, you feel offended. Your time living alone is now! However, before you do so, why not take a vacation in Florida and see if you can manage life on your own? There are awesome vacation rentals in Florida where you can live alone and test the waters.

5) You Love Your Pet More Than Your Roommate

Things between you and your roommate or parents are getting really complicated and your pet is caught up in the middle of it all. You want your furry friend to be treated with respect and love, but everyone around you seems to hate the cute little buddy. Stop forcing them to clean after your 4-legged sweetheart. You two need your own space ASAP!

6) You Are Loving Chores These Days

If you have never been organized or responsible before but you are now happy to clean your room, shop for groceries, wash the dishes, and decorate the house without being pushed or reminded, that is a sign that your mindset is right for life alone.

7) You Are Excited By The Idea Of Decorating Your Own Home

Speaking of house décor, do you hate the color of the walls or furniture in your current home? Do you feel like injecting your personal style into the décor, but your roommate won’t let you? Do you have the money to buy better furniture and better wall art? Well, living alone is what will give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

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8) You Envy Independent People

If you find yourself envying people who live alone, wishing that you could be them, then the best thing to do is do exactly that: Be like them! Live alone!

9) You’re Avoiding Your Roommate

Could be you are at that point in life when living with other people makes you sad and angry all the time. Maybe you are spending an extra hour in the bar just so that you can find your roommate already asleep. It is not healthy to avoid home. Just move out and regain your happiness.

10) Your Schedule And Your Roommate’s Are Clashing 

If your schedule requires you to rise up before everyone else in the house, if you are disturbing your roommates with your morning routine, then you need to move out ASAP. It could also be the other way around. Maybe the weekend is your time to lay back and relax, but that is your roommate’s time to bring friends over for game nights. For the sake of each other’s peace of mind, you two should no longer live together.

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