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Doing This in the Shower for 30 Seconds Can Boost Immunity

It seems counterintuitive to jump into an ice-cold shower during the winter, but there could be something to this science-based approach.

There’s a lot of methodology going around on how exactly you can jumpstart your immunity for a boost of protection. Among the choices are a number of supplements: zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, exercising, and an odd one: jumping into the cold shower. It seems counterintuitive to jump into an ice-cold shower during the winter, there could be something to this science-based approach. Why do you ask? We did some research to find out. Keep reading for more!

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Why Do Cold Showers Jumpstart Immunity?

The short of it is, cold showers have been shown to increase your natural killer cells, which indicate your body has a strong immune resilience. Interestingly enough, cold water affects your adrenaline hormone. This makes your anti-inflammatory response kick into ultra-high great. In a study done by PLOS One, those who took hot-to-cold showers reduced their sickness-related work absences by 29%. Cold showers also help with little short bursts of stress that stimulate longevity genes in your body, according to MBG. Fasting is also something that does this.

You may have seen one or two people really rep the cold shower game, including the “Iceman” Wim Hof. He cites cold therapy for improving sleep, easing pain, and alleviating anxiety and depression. He was even injected with an endotoxin that stimulates a high immune response like fever, headaches and shivering by scientists. The result? No symptoms came to be with him.

How to Cold Shower for Immunity

How to start? For starters, if you have a sauna available for your use, definitely jump in there for 15 to 20 minutes and then take a cold shower. If not, take a hot shower and then start off with 30 seconds of cold water, and work your way up to 3 minutes. That’s all you need to gain the benefits of a stimulated immune response! Happy showering!


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